As a new mom, I had a rollercoaster of emotions that were getting worse towards the end of the pregnancy. Some days I felt so happy and ready for anything that came my way and other days I felt sad and anxious as the unknown was controlling my thoughts. I was so pleased that I was able to control these emotions during the delivery and days after my son was born with the help of Paula. Her advice, relaxations techniques and support were key for me to have a control of my surges and emotions during those difficult times. I definitely recommend her services to future moms to be.


Paula´s course helped me to believe in myself and stay calm during labour. Throughout the duration of the active labour I used the positive affirmations, massage in the lower back and breathing techniques with my wife. I tried to transmit my tranquillity and positivism to her.

Florencio (1st time dad).

We thought the course was very complete and a great way to start in the hypnobirthing world. The techniques were clear and simple, the support that we felt and had throughout the whole time was very welcomed and we are grateful for it. There is not easy to find that sort of committed person on the other end.

We did not have a fixed idea about what to expect from this course. We only knew that it would help us to enjoy childbirth, and that became true. So, in that way, we can honestly say that the course met fully our expectations, as our birth was as closed as we planned, even after been induced!

The guided relaxations were vital during my pregnancy and, together with the visualizations, they helped me a lot the days prior delivery (as I was admitted in hospital for two days prior labour started). The night prior labour, and during labour, the visualizations of seeing my cervix getting softer, shorter and opened, really helped me to stay relaxed, letting my body works naturally.

Thank you very much for the big part you played in this story. Thank you for transmitting always a very positive attitude and blind trust in people. Big hug.

Alejandra (1st time mum)

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and practised lots until the birth of our little girl. Especially at the end when I was 10 days overdue! It was a marvellous tool during those final days – I spent lots of times on my birthing ball in the garden listening to my scripts feeling positive and happy. I also found that doing them with my husband each night meant both slept better that we ever have.

I would like to say a big thank you for all the knowledge, love and support you gave me on your course which I attended with my husband. My labour was long, but I was totally calm and focussed because of the techniques I learned on your course. We now have a very content & chilled little girl which I believe is a result of attending your course!

You are doing something amazing for mums and dads to be and I wish you and your courses long and continuously growing success.

Thank you Paula!.


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