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Hypnobirthing is complete antenatal course for birth preparation where you can learn in a logical way, how your body works, which changes are happening during pregnancy, birth and postnatally.

With this course you will also discover how the mind and the language you use daily affect your body and the process of labour. This way, you will be able to control your fears and gain confidence in yourself and your own body achieving a more positive and calm birth experience.

Hypnobirthing provides you with a series of tools to achieve the best birth that is right for you and your baby. Using the guided relaxations, visualizations, breathing techniques and positive affirmations provided in this course and practicing them during pregnancy you will be able to be calm, relaxed and in control during the wait of your baby and labour, regardless of the circumstances.

Hypnobirthing is based on the innate capacity of the woman body to give birth (like any other mammal does) and it is helpful in any type of birth, a birth at hospital or at home, via induction of labour, spontaneous or even a Caesarean section.

This way, when the big day arrives, you will be a master of relaxation and you will work in harmony with your body facilitating the process rather than working against it, and you will do this instinctively because you have been practising before during pregnancy.

3 guided relaxation audios to listen before going to sleep.

1 audio with positive affirmations for pregnancy and birth.

A full complete antenatal course that includes all the information you need to understand how your body works, changes than occurs in your body in pregnancy, labour and postnatally, learn how to make decisions and create your birth plan, nutrition, a great variety of exercises to do with your couple, how to get ready to be parents… to mention a few. Nevertheless, you will be working with me, and with my vast experience as a senior midwife, researcher and hypnobirthing teacher you will have all my support during pregnancy, birth and beyond, so that you can achieve an amazing and wonderful birth experience.

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Hypnobirthing will help you to feel calmer, relax and in control during birth, so it will be more comfortable and easy experience, releasing the right hormones for labour to flow naturally, without medical interventions.

Being calmer during labour makes the whole experience of childbirth more pleasant and less tiring so that the recovery period is faster.

Hypnobirthing normally help you to have a more controlled birth so that the occurrence of episiotomies or perineal tears are reduced.

As you ae working in harmony with your body during labour, your baby receive more oxygen and is born in a more gentle way, providing her with the best environment for her adaptation to the new world, and facilitating the bonding and love with her mother and the start of lactation.

Your partner will also benefit from this course because he/she Will be more involve in the whole process, feeling more useful and bonding deeper with you and your baby. Your partner will learn how to support you in this journey and will instinctively protect you during labour. There is no most beautiful way to start a family.

There is no a right or wrong answer. There is never too early or too late to start practising. My personal recommendation is always anytime after your first scan, but the more time you allow yourself to practice, more ready and prepare you will be and more empowered you will feel.

During my pregnancy I have this mantra: “The more I practice, the luckier I get”

Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind, like a semi alert state. This happens at least twice a day, when we are waking up and just minutes before falling asleep. Also, when we are doing daily routine activities and we forget how long we have been absorbed in these activities, or how we drive from home to work… Our brain is always protecting us, it is been designed to survive so if it perceives any danger, immediately it will activate the frontal cortex of the brain (the conscious mind) and we will be back into a state of alert in seconds.

Unfortunately, Hypnosis has gained a bad reputation thanks to the TV programs, movies where people appear on stage and pretend to be hypnotised following the orders of a hypnotizer.

Hypnosis for birth, by using different tools like guided relaxations and positive affirmations you are working on your preconceptions about childbirth and the pain of giving birth that you have been collecting since childhood; working on those negative experiences of the past and all the negative comments we are exposed all day long every day.

A positive birth experience should be the norm, not the exception. I am in a mission to make this happen. And I want you to be the next one having a wonderful birth!

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