Hi there,

I am Paula Lavandeira, empowered proud mum of a boy and founder of Nurtured Munchkin.

I have been a passionate midwife for over 11 years now and with another 10 years as a nurse previously. I came to the UK 13 years ago with the intention of becoming a midwife because I liked the way the Midwifery course is structured, the birth options available and the continuity of care pregnant women receive making birth more effective and caring.

All this passion for a respected, more humane and normal birth became my mission and personal goal, after living a series of traumatic experiences of very close friend childbirths. Those experiences left a permanent mark in my soul, so I made the promise of getting all the training possible to change the way women birth their babies and make their childbirth experience their best experience possible all over the world.

In 2008 I completed my Midwifery degree in London and since then I have been training in different specialities and therapies that complement this profession. I have worked as a Senior Researcher Midwife for over 5 years at UCLH (University College London Hospital) and more recently I manage the Maternity Diabetes team as a Specialist Diabetes Midwife in Guildford Hospital.

In 2014, I accomplished the course as an acupuncturist with the British Medical Acupuncture allowing me to help women ease their symptoms in pregnancy and speed their labour when things were a bit slow.

In 2015, I finished my training as a Baby massage and baby yoga instructor and at the same time I became a Hypnobirthing teacher with Katharine Graves herself the founder of KG Hypnobirthing Method, the only training recognized by the Royal College of Midwives in UK, at that point.

This method is been used by millions of women, including famous faces like the Duchesse of Cambridge, Giovanna Fletcher, wives of Russel Brand, footballer Harry Kane, Body Coach Joe Wicks…  to mention some.

After suffering a miscarriage this summer, I felt the lack of support and understanding parent who have lost a baby have during those tragic times. So I felt the need to learn more and I trained with The Foundation of Infant Loss as Counselling professional on Safe Sleep and Infant Loss, so I could help and support better those parents. As a result of this,  I created a unique course for Rainbow pregnancies.

I have spent the last 4 year refining my Antenatal and postnatal courses, adapting them to our busy lives so this way my Hypnobirthing classes works for everyone, every type of childbirth, situation and women needs all around the world.

I am very excited with this birth revolution idea, allowing women to regain their power and rights about a respectable birth, guiding and accompanying them during this wonderful journey, preparing them for motherhood. A normal birth should not be the exception or an isolated case but a natural, calm process for every pregnant woman in the planet.

Every single woman I have worked with have had a wonderful experience! If you would like to start this journey towards a peaceful calm and positive birth experience, I would love to work with you. I want you to be the next one going through this amazing feeling all these famous people are talking about. I hypnobirthed my son and it was the best experience of my life so far. As a midwife too, this experience taught me more than all these years as a midwife!

You too can experience this. You are a step closer to achieve the birth that is right for you and your baby.

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